14 years ago, my friend Dan Price, a.k.a. The Hobo Artist, took a trip across America… on a tricycle.

Dan pedaled 3 1/2 months across 4500 miles of American countryside from Oregon to San Diego and then all the way across to Key West.

Dan is committed to living a “simple life,” has documented his experiences with
comics and has shared them in his zine, “moonlight chronicles” for at least a decade or two. Simple shoes loved his comics and his approach to life so much that first they started advertising in the back of his zine and then later they made him their art director, a role he held for many years.


I first crossed paths with Dan when he had just ended his tenure with Simple Shoes and was spending a winter in Southern California, living out of a van and learning to surf.

We met at C-Street in Ventura during a period where I was also running around Southern California, trying to get Sunova Surfboards off the ground by hosting demo days at popular surf spots. He remains one of my favorite “Mavericks” from that whole tour of duty.  His take on life is so outside of the mainstream and yet so obviously wise in its own way.

A couple of years ago, a TV show did a piece on his “Hobbit Home” in Oregon that gives a you a bit of a sense of how Dan approaches life.