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Interview: Ceptr, a new internet, modeled after nature’s patterns

I was recently interviewed by Michael Woodward for his podcast, JumbleThink.  I was a bit longwinded, so the interview is being released in two parts.  In part one, we focus on some of the insights that the Ceptr team has drawn from nature and are applying in our attempts to redesign the internet and foster new social patterns.  Part two goes into a bit more detail about Ceptr and then shifts into some other areas of exploration.

I may have run through some areas too quickly, so if it gets confusing in areas, I apologize.  I’m looking to do many more of these sorts of interviews in the next few months, so I’d appreciate any feedback on areas that you enjoyed, or more importantly, areas that you found confusing or incoherent.  Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Excellent. I just found these and added them to my podcast listening queue.

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