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Month: December 2014

Don’t be greedy

This clip is from about 3 years ago.  I had gotten frustrated with the crowd and had decided to lineup outside and deep.  When a big set came, I let the first wave go by (that’s the smart / safe thing to do — though it took a number of years before I gained that patience).  As the second wave began to stand up, I thought to myself, “I have this.”  I turned, paddled and then realized that the wave was filling in from the west.  With the angle of the wave, it was going to close out across the bowl.  I pulled back only to turn around and find that I had paddled myself into the absolute worst position possible — in the impact zone of the bowl — just as the largest wave of the day was rearing up.  I paddled as fast as I could at the wave, then dove off my board and swam deep once I saw the wave starting to break.

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One Wave Session

Today, Mavericks was the biggest it has been in quite some time.  Most of the best big wave surfers on the planet were out, alongside dozens of ordinary citizens like myself.

Between the crowd and the trickiness of the waves, most people had very low wave counts.  I ended up only catching one decent wave.  I was sitting closer to the channel when one of the bigger waves of the day came.

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Conversation with Michael Deem + Why I don’t practice law.

Tonight, Michael Deem asked me some interesting questions about law school, design and the work that I’ve been doing related to the Collaborative Internet.  The full conversation is below.


Surfing, Flow and Good Work

My first post on Lively Work is up:

Surfing, Flow and Good Work

For archival purposes, here is the the text.

I’m Matt Schutte and I’ll be one of the contributors to the lively work blog. This piece is just a little intro to a few of the concepts that I’m looking to explore as part of this project.
My personal interest in the subject stretches back into my own childhood.I was a kid with a very active brain. Most nights saw me staring at the ceiling for hours, trying to fall asleep, but instead dreaming up math equations, entrepreneurial schemes and more. Sitting in my third grade class one afternoon, I came up with a little game. Continue reading

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