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Contrast: the key to awareness



Today, I was coordinating a time to meet up with an elderly friend of mine for the LGBT Pride Parade this coming Sunday.  My friend is brilliant, accomplished, 86 years old and gay.  In his note to me, he included the following comment:


“It has been a lifelong, (and) at times, a tough journey.  Alas! Liberation came too late to be of much help but it’s good nonetheless. It seems Sweet on the scale only has meaning relative to Bitter.”


There is a depth of pain hinted at in those words.  At the same time, I believe there is a separate, important truth.

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Power and Powerlessness

Food that does not exist
A while ago, I wrote an email to a friend that included some life/career advice.  I stumbled upon it recently and figured that it was one of those pieces of writing that is better shared broadly, than kept buried in an email archive.
I’ve removed personal references and have modified it slightly in places to make it easier to read.
…As for my own personal two cents:
I’d say to take a step back and examine the factors that drive your ambition to make sure that they are guiding you toward a “reward” that is “worth it.”
From some of our earlier conversations, you mentioned not wanting to feel powerless.  You said that as far as you could tell (to paraphrase) “people with money and power get listened to and those without it – don’t.”…

unFLTRD | Espen Sivertsen

Matt discusses the future of 3D printing with Espen Sivertsen, CEO of Type A Machines, the manufacturers of the machine that Make Magazine named the best 3D Printer for under $2000.

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Snap Shot Summary


Show and Tell

The Future of 3D Printing – 3 Waves

Modular Machines, a Hack-friendly Warranty + Human Relationships

Wi-Fi enabled 3D printers, API’s and the internet of things

company history

Full Interview (36 minutes)

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