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unFLTRD | on non-academia — Jarod Holtz + Matthew Schutte

Jarod discusses his decision to not pursue a PhD as of yet, in part due to the breadth of approach that he felt was necessary to design solutions that meet the rising global threats that we are facing. The two of us then discuss the plusses and minuses of formal academic structures with regard to the development of breakthrough solutions.

unFLTRD | Espen Sivertsen

Matt discusses the future of 3D printing with Espen Sivertsen, CEO of Type A Machines, the manufacturers of the machine that Make Magazine named the best 3D Printer for under $2000.

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Snap Shot Summary


Show and Tell

The Future of 3D Printing – 3 Waves

Modular Machines, a Hack-friendly Warranty + Human Relationships

Wi-Fi enabled 3D printers, API’s and the internet of things

company history

Full Interview (36 minutes)

unFLTRD | Travis Wellman

3 Minute Summary

Full Conversation

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