In this talk at Stanford, Paul Borrill dives into an exploration of physics, computer science and philosophy that closely mirrors the insights that have guided us on the metacurrency project. These discoveries have led us to try to re-design computation and networks based on organizing patterns found in nature. We believe that approaching the problem from this other perspective creates communication systems that are not only more resilient, but exponentially more useful. We believe that these IT architectures will serve as the foundation for new patterns of regulation and wealth (what we call “deep wealth”) for communities.

Thanks to Arthur Brock for unearthing this gem of a talk (and for so much more).


Some highlights:

00:15:49  |  The cost of designing things wrong

00:16:48  |  No God View

00:44:05  |  How can we build complex systems simply

00:54:00  |  Approaches (Ceptr incorporates many of these. hint: so does nature)

01:12:50  |  Death is critical for resilience (this is actually why death is beneficial in an evolutionary sense)