Today an old friend and roommate sent me a text asking for a summary of what it is that I actually do for work.

I responded with a quick text Message. I’ve copied that message below. It’s probably the briefest articulation of what it is that I am up to.

I’m happy to go into more details if anyone is interested.


Day job:
Consultant on organization structure and culture. Mostly work with publicly traded companies, but some startups too.

Also building a “team building events” and facilitation business.

Life work: redesigning the architecture of the Internet in ways that enable communities to self-regulate (I design protocols and applications alongside a large group of collaborators related to identity, pseudonymity, privacy, security, publication, remix and licensing)

The goal: a functional global regulatory system.

The day job stuff helps subsidize the life work stuff and has helped me to grow a network of supporters, customers and partners.