This was the closing talk that I gave at Voice and Exit, in Austin, Texas last summer.  I want to thank Max Borders and Seth Blaustein for inviting me to give this talk. Distilling these complex ideas down into a deliverable form wasn’t the easiest thing for me, but it has proven incredibly helpful.

One of the details that got stripped away is the actual mechanism that keeps people behaving well in digital interactions in the future.  I’ll detail that architecture in an upcoming post, but it is a design that attempts to enable the informal pressure and flexible interpretation of traditional reputation systems to be deployed at scale and across domains by enabling users to draw upon the sources of information that they find relevant, to combine those in ways that they find useful and thus to help them make decisions about who to interact with.

A big thank you to Nancy Giordano from Play Big Inc. for being such a strong supporter in getting me to share these ideas more.  Check out her insightful talk on 9 Mega-Trends.

A summary and full transcript is available here.