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Tensions related to identity and community regulation

I’ve already linked to this paper previously.  This full text version is being posted for archival purposes.  I originally wrote this white paper in the run up to the original Rebooting the Web of Trust “DesignShop.”  Since then, Continue reading


without the tumble,
we would have kept walking
and missed the show the world put on for just us.

that little cove, nestled in Cambria,
where you bled into the pacific
and I carried your embarrassment across crunchy wet pebbles
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My White Papers leading up to the “Rebooting the Web of Trust” kickoff

For last week’s Rebooting the Web of Trust workshop, I submitted three white papers.  I recently shared one of them (a poem) on this blog (The Naming of Things).

Here are the links to the other two.

Identity, Guidance and Situational Awareness (shorter, easier read)

Tensions Related to Identity and Community Regulation (a deep dive into identity, meaning and societal relations)

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The Naming of Things

Next week, I’m attending a kickoff “DesignShop” called Rebooting the Web of Trust.  It is an event that is pulling together many of the world’s leading experts on privacy, identity and security — and aims to begin building the foundation of a new system for managing identity and coordination on the internet.

I wrote up the following short poem as one of my white papers.
The Naming of Things

Here we come all together
for two days in November.
Decades of experience, with us we bring
to help the world start to name every thing
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The CLLBRTV Vision

The World is Broken

I came up with the idea to launch CLLBRTV a few months ago. For about 8 years, I had been working to redesign internet architecture in ways that could assist communities in self-regulating, even at massive scale.

My work was geeky. Like really geeky.

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My kind of entrepreneur

photo: Yarrow Kraner

photo: Yarrow Kraner

Today, someone asked me what kind of entrepreneur I am. I asked some friends if they could help me “label” what I do.

I’m a social entrepreneur (and a political philosopher). My focus is on designing a functional global regulatory system.

That ends up looking less like “politicians, laws, police, courts and prisons” and more like individuals making informed decisions using internet tools that help them leverage the custom remixed insights of others they trust.

In essence, I work on redesigning the Internet in ways that can enable communities to self-regulate.

For me, the goal is transformation in ways that are both actually beneficial and sustainable.

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Start with stories and don’t take the ideas so seriously


I’ve just wrapped up participation in a two day retreat (New Collaborative Ecosystem) that was at times challenging, and at times exhilarating.

There were many conversations at this retreat but aside from meeting some aligned collaborators (yay!), the biggest takeaway for me, personally, was actually this:

In one-on-one, or small group interactions, I am usually very humorous, light-hearted and playful.

However, when presenting ideas that matter to me, especially in front of larger groups, or when I am writing, I usually shift into a calm, clear and passionate, but rational presentation “mode” that feels like a “professor” and focuses entirely on the ideas and maybe their impact on the world, while leaving my own personal humanity, and that of the people I am speaking to — out.

This doesn’t serve me or others well, and it doesn’t do the ideas justice.

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Patterns that work

patterns of resilience

Some friends are pulling together a gathering of collaboration minded individuals this week, centered around the presence of a number of members of the Enspiral Network (based out of New Zealand).

I am proposing a session there, but would be happy to repeat it again elsewhere, whether as a lecture/conversation at a University or Corporation or simply as a speaker at a conference. Here is an outline:

Title: Patterns that thrive in any ecosystem.

This will dive into some of my own recent aha’s as well as those of others.

It will largely focus on concepts related to:
1) Complex Adaptive Systems

2) What Nature “care’s about.”

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what I do: a summary

Today an old friend and roommate sent me a text asking for a summary of what it is that I actually do for work.

I responded with a quick text Message. I’ve copied that message below. It’s probably the briefest articulation of what it is that I am up to.

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Our tryst will have to wait


Dear Mexico,

I know we were planning to dance together.

But it’s not going to work out this time, either.

One day, I will touch you and know you;

and you will know me;

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